AES offers a unique service to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people into careers and walks along with them during their employment journey to provide advice, mentoring and other specialist supports.

This service is a government funded, free service to eligible Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander career seekers.

AES cares about you and your success and will work with you in a range of ways to support you into employment and training.

The AES recruitment services model provides you our career seekers with:

  • Access to a large range of employment opportunities around the country in a variety of industries and sectors.
  • Access to tailored pre-employment training programs that are linked to guaranteed jobs.
  • Culturally-competent mentoring up to six months after being placed in a job. Once you are in employment you will be offered an experienced mentor to support you and your supervisor and to celebrate your wins along the way!

We help you as career seeker with all the pre-employment basics in applying for an opportunity:

  • Development of your CV/Resume
  • A career plan and identifying the best careers for your situation
  • Interview coaching
  • Ensuring everything in your personal life is set up in a way to give you the greatest success in your new opportunity

The smile of a thousand stories

“Linking up with the AES was an easy process and they were so helpful with all preparations into gaining employment.”

Valerie Dickson attended the Aboriginal Employment Strategy office in Kempsey back in August 2022 seeking assistance to gain employment. She informed the team she has little to no work experience and has applied for many positions but has been unsuccessful. Valerie attended all appointments on time, presented very well and impressed very much. AES Kempsey were eager to help her gain her first ever job and kick start her career in the work force.

Tim Forbes, Store manager at Coles Kempsey, approached AES seeking assistance in finding suitable candidates for some upcoming positions within the store in the lead-up to the busy Christmas period. The Kempsey team identified Valerie as a good candidate and with her permission forwarded her on for the role. Tim was impressed with her CV and scheduled an interview after which she was offered a position and she accepted.

“I thank the AES team in Kempsey for finding suitable employment for me so quickly, supporting me throughout the whole process and for continuing to do so.”

Valerie commenced work and continued to shine within her role since. Tim was so impressed with her reliability and work ethic that after only 10 weeks of employment he decided to offer her a permanent part-time contract which she happily accepted. We at AES are very proud of Valerie and look forward to continuing to watch her grow in a professional manner.