Opening in March 2011, the Yaama Ganu Gallery is a not-for-profit Aboriginal art gallery and cafe. The Gallery proudly supports and features consigned works from artists of the local Kamilaroi Nation and Aboriginal managed Art Centres from communities around Australia. Art Centre’s are community based enterprises which provide economic, social and cultural benefits to Aboriginal people and play a vital role in their communities. The Yaama Ganu Gallery will only exhibit works from these Art Centre’s to ensure that all exhibited artists are paid the market value for their work.

The Yaama Ganu Gallery is owned and operated by the Aboriginal Employment Strategy. The AES is a 100% managed, national, not-for-profit recruitment company. The AES started in Moree in 1997 by cotton farmer, Dick Estens AO, with the support of the cotton industry through the Gwydir Valley Cotton Growers Association.

The Yaama Ganu Gallery is a member of the Indigenous Art Code. The Indigenous Art Code was established to promote fair and ethical trade in works of art by Indigenous artists.

Café Gali offers an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander inspired menu and catering and is situated within the Yaama Ganu Art Gallery. Café Gali provides invaluable employment and training opportunities in hospitality to local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, in particular young Gamilaroi women.

The AES is very proud of its strong support and promotion of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts sector across Australia. AES has a vision of a career for every Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australian across the country. Sadly, in parts of this nation, there are limited career options available, particularly in remote Aboriginal communities.

AES is acutely aware that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visual arts and craft sector provides significant economic, social and cultural benefits to local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander  communities, so we invest strongly in this sector. We are staunch in our commitment to  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander self-determination and empowerment through Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s real participation in the local, regional, national and international economies. Without this, many remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities will forever be dependent on welfare.

By investing in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art, you are investing in the future and sustainability of our precious and unique remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, cultures and languages, and also in the continuation of Australia’s greatest cultural gifts to the world and our most profound and important cultural export. Works of art being exhibited at Yaama Ganu are breathtakingly beautiful and are of a world standard. Each creation has a unique story, journey and is a priceless slice of the oldest living culture in the world that you can enjoy and share with your family for generations upon generations.

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