School Based Traineeships/ School Based Apprenticeships

A School Based Traineeship/Apprenticeship gives students practical work experience and skills during Year 10 to Year 12. Each Graduate from this program will receive a nationally accredited qualification and the chance of a full-time position and/or tertiary education. This School Based Traineeship provides a proven head-start towards a long term career. School Based Trainees are expected to complete up to 800 hours of training with a host employer over two years which counts towards the Higher Education Year 12 Certificate.

Full-Time Traineeships/Full-Time Apprenticeships

We make traineeships/apprenticeships as simple as possible. As a registered Group Training Organisation, we are able to employ trainees/apprentices under a training contract and place them with host employers. Our service expertise represents the majority of Industry Sectors ranging from Certificate II to Advanced Diploma. The duration of the full-time traineeship/apprenticeship program is from 3 months up to 3 years.

Former AES school based trainee and now business entrepreneur, Benson Saulo, says that his involvement with the AES traineeship, which he began as a 15 year-old at the ANZ Bank, ranks as one of the proudest and most impactful experiences of his life so far.

“You never know what people are capable of, and sometimes people just need an opportunity or an open door, or an open hand to help them up, and the beautiful thing the AES provided me with was that firm stepping stone to take that next step in my life,” says Benson.

“For a young person, that opportunity can create something that you can’t even imagine, it’s all about trusting your step, and knowing there’s support out there to catch you.”