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Spearhead Careers & The Arts Law Centre of Australia welcomes new Artists in The Black Coordinator

Spearhead Careers and The Arts Law Centre of Australia (Arts Law) is pleased to announce that the position of Artists in the Black Coordinator has been filled by Danielle Montgomery. The Artists in the Black service is Arts Law’s specialised legal service for Indigenous artists, communities and arts organisation.

The Artist in the Black service was founded in 2004 by Arts Law. This service helps Indigenous artists protect their artistic work, their intellectual property and their cultural heritage in a number of ways and regularly visits urban, regional and remote communities across Australia to deliver specialized workshops and seminars, as well as providing free legal advice and assistance. Due to funding uncertainty to this service Arts Law was unable to fill this position when it became vacant in December 2013. Arts Law is very pleased to fill this dedicated Artist in the Black role as it will enhance Indigenous artists’ accessibility to the service and increase capacity in their communities.

Robyn Ayres Executive Director from Arts Law said “It is really encouraging to be able to fill the Artists in the Black position now that we are have more certainty in funding for our service. Danielle is a welcomed new face to the team, we are very happy to have her on board.”

Danielle is a Barunggam woman, out of McAlister Queensland. She has experience working with Indigenous communities in Sydney and out of Alice Springs, living in Papunya NT and she is very passionate about the advocacy of Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people. Danielle says that she “Is excited to be starting this new career with the Arts Law team, the Artist in the Black program is strongly aligned with my own values and beliefs. It means a lot to be a part of this important advocacy service that helps my people.”

Spearhead Careers Pty Ltd, a commercial recruitment company that specialises in placing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander candidates into careers, providing consultancy services and representing the commercial recruitment marketplace sourced and placed Danielle on behalf of the Arts Law Centre.

Joel Nair and Ida Boney from the Spearhead Careers team worked closely with the Arts Law team to source and provide the best candidate for the role. The Spearhead team were able to identify Arts Law’s specific needs and then match the right candidate for the position. Arts Law could not have found such a wonderful candidate without the help of Spearhead Careers Pty Ltd. Ida said “I knew during the initial interviews that Danielle was the right candidate and it was rewarding to be able to place her into this exciting role. Joel’s relationship with the Arts Law team and understanding of the business needs assisted me in the recruitment process.”

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